Why need to design custom serum boxes the brands’ first choice?

Serums are a rapidly demanding item in the local market. In the US there are so many Cosmetic brands developing serums, for Packaging purposes, they are using custom serum boxes. Customers are more concerned when it comes to their skincare. They expect that packaging for skin care products must be innovative, robust, appealing, and stylish. As we all know that custom printed serum boxes are also a marketing tool To achieve success, many popular brands are now using printed boxes. You can print your brand logo, name, and other relevant details about the product and brand to enhance brand awareness, visualize the aesthetic appearance of your products, and also provide safety to your serum quality boxes

These aesthetic serum packaging boxes attract more customers which leads to unexpected sales.


How do custom printed boxes impact your sales? 

Serums are becoming a ubiquitous product in the skincare regime, not only for females but also for males. Beauty companies are now developing serums and packaging them into custom serum packaging boxes. Therefore, companies aim to design and manufacture glossy and eye-catching custom printed serum boxes. This packaging serves as the initial point of contact for consumers with your brand and can significantly impact your sales performance. It has become a powerful tool for branding, marketing, and influencing consumer perception and brand recognition. Moreover, many believe that packaging is one of the biggest selling points for any product. “In one US study, some 74% of consumers stated that they rely on packaging to aid their decision-making process at the point of purchase.


Does product packaging affect consumer buying behavior?


Yes, the Packaging of the product plays a vital role in shaping of consumer behavior. The design, materials, and overall presentation of the packaging can convey a sense of value, authenticity, and attention to detail and influence how consumers perceive the product. 

Some of the following factors that affecting consumer buying Behavior:

Colour: The colour of the packaging is important because it is used to differentiate and evaluate your products from other market competitors. The colour selection also adds to the brand identity.

Shapes: The overall design of packaging, including its shape, Material, Segments, and the Safety of the product can Provoke emotions by creating a visual identity that aligns with a brand’s message. A simple and minimalist design might evoke feelings of Aesthetics and modernity.

Images: Brand logos/Images have a significant impact on consumer buying behaviour. These logo images help to create a recognizable brand identity and attract potential consumers.

Types: The packaging Manufacturer uses a different kind of raw materials as well as printing technology to produce packages that not only just look good, but also help to keep the actual product protected and safe.

Sizes: Getting a correctly sized custom serum packaging box for your product seems relatively simple and secure.

How do you know The Cost Of custom-printed serum boxes to be Identified?


Custom printed serum box packaging costs can vary widely based on factors such as the size and weight of the product, the type of packaging materials used, and the production process. Businesses need to understand the average cost of packaging to make informed decisions about their packaging requirement.

Some cost details are the custom serum boxes in the USA:

Corrugated packaging – $2.5-$3.6

Craft Board Box – $1.9-$2.28

Premium boxes – $8.8-$12.00

Kraft packaging – $0.26-$0.78 (based on 5,000-25,000 units)


Which is the best Customization for custom-printed boxes?

There are many options available for the Customization of your custom printed serum boxes. These customizations can add more aesthetic and visual appearance to the printing packages.

These are the following customization that can be added to your printing packages:-

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Handles 
  • Hangtab
  • Die-cut window 
  • Book tab 
  • Foil stamping 
  • Custom labels 
  • Custom stickers 


Custom serum boxes will play a vital role in giving an exclusive presentation of your product, this is why brands started adopting this strategy to increase their sales also brands focus on high-quality packaging boxes that are made with the finest quality material so that your serum product remains in fine condition. Thus you need to introduce custom boxes to sell your serums even better. Contact a reliable manufacturer today and plan your box.