What can WordPress hosting do for your business?

WordPress hosting

WordPress was the most widely used website builder and content management system in the world, and it was launched in 2003, and since then, it’s been crucial to website making. WordPress is super popular; 35% of all the websites and 38.03% of the top hundred thousand websites are WordPress based. However, WordPress still remains a battle zone between a huge community of supporters and contributors who like WordPress because it’s free to open source, easy to learn, and has more than a hundred thousand themes and plugins for everything. WordPress is a very powerful platform that allows you to build a website.


There is a hosting specially optimized to meet better WordPress performances and security called WordPress hosting. Hosting is one of the most important but commonly overlooked aspects of running your website. WordPress has been designed for flexibility and scalability on a variety of platforms so that you can run your website with any type of hosting. The only technical requirement for running your website is MYSQL 5.0, 15 or higher, and PHP 5.2.4 or higher, but this does not mean that you should host your website to anywhere processes. Without a high-quality host, your website will surely load slowly, have high downtime, and be less secure.


Benefits of WordPress hosting and things WordPress hosting can do for your business and website-

  • By choosing a quality WordPress host, you will greatly improve the performance of your site and receive a ton of additional advantages. 
  • The common advantages are One Click install that allows quickly installed WordPress to your website, automatic updates to the WordPress core, and WordPress-centered support teams that can handle any question related to WordPress.
  • It is very affordable. Websites built on WordPress tend to be a lot cheaper than if you were to build everything from scratch. The fact that WordPress, it’s software that comes with a lot of prebuild functionality which allows us to build a website much faster rather than having to code every single feature from scratch. 
  • In 90% of cases, WordPress plus a few extra plugins can accommodate any website.
  • WordPress is a popular option and is rapidly growing. It is currently powering over 34% of all the websites on the internet. Out of all content management systems out there, WordPress is the top option. Having such a big user base, it is obvious that WordPress is best for your business and website. 
  • WordPress allows you to build any business website you want. 
  • Using WordPress for your business means you can build and run any business website you could possibly imagine.    
  • WordPress is extremely secure. 
  • WordPress is easy to use; even those with basic computer skills and no web design experience will find WordPress intuitive and easy to use.                   
  • WordPress is open source which means that the core code that WordPress is comprised of is available to everyone for free. 
  • WordPress gives you complete control with a self-hosted installation of WordPress set up for your business; this means your website is yours, you own and control the whole thing, and you can move your site to a new web host anytime you like. This is a huge reason for using WordPress for your business complete and total ownership and control. 
  • WordPress sites can be designed in any way that you want. 
  • WordPress sites can behave and function however you want. You can extend the capabilities and behavior of your websites using plugins. Plugins can add an incredible amount of functionality to your website, like turning it into a storefront, a membership site, or adding in things like social media, photos, etc.
  • WordPress is SEO optimized. WordPress was intentionally built with seo in mind. This means that the content you publish will be easily found and indexed by the search engines. 
  • WordPress can be managed remotely because WordPress runs directly on your web server; you can log into the back-end administrator panel of your website at any time, anywhere from any device that has an internet connection. This means you can check on your site and manage it while you are away or anything like that.
  • WordPress is widely supported by web hosting companies like http://onohosting.com/. Finding a web host that is compatible with WordPress is like finding sand on a beach. This makes finding a great web host for your WordPress website easy. 
  • WordPress is integrated with other services.
  • WordPress is perfect for E-commerce. There is z number of great e-commerce plugins available for WordPress. 
  • WordPress keeps your cost low. Because WordPress itself is free, you can keep your business expenses low. This means that your only costs to run a WordPress website are your domain name registration, web hosting, and possibly premium or custom themes and plugins, which are not often expensive. 
  • WordPress allows multiple users. If you need to hire an assistant, writer, or collaborator in your business. With WordPress, you can create multiple user accounts on your website, each with its restricted capabilities. This makes WordPress a top choice for teams and workgroups.