Candle Boxes – Tips to Shipping

Candles are a symbol of serenity and relaxation. When you have them around you, they offer calmness and peace. Provided they reached you in the exact same condition and shape they were manufactured in. As a manufacturer, you will realize this importance that the product should not lose its shape. It shouldn’t be damaged. Otherwise you are just losing customers. So why not ship the products in Candle Boxes for your ease as well as your customers’. Packaging will only make your job stress-free and easy.

For this to happen, you need to know all the packaging tips and technique to wrap up your products like a pro. Read on to find out these amazing tips and make your shipping experience hassle-free and stress-free.

Cushion the Products

Most of the candles you will come across are in containers either made of tin, glass, cardboard, or Kraft. Though these are naturally offering protection to your candles, yet they do not assure safe shipping. There are still a few things missing to make sure your candles won’t be damaged at all, at any cost. Though these may be enough, but you still need to take all necessary measures at your end to make sure nothing happens at all.

Add a bit of extra cushioning to ensure their safe shipping. You can use bubble wrap for that purpose. Also, the luxury candle packaging should also be the appropriate size. This will prevent the product inside from shifting a lot during its transit. Remember, if the candle is moving too much inside, it can break, de-shape, crack or have a dent. You seriously don’t want this to happen at all.

Your Boxes Should Be Durable

It is highly important and essential that you use a box that is sturdy and durable. It doesn’t matter what you have as a product that you need to ship, the box needs to be durable at all cost. But when it comes to something as delicate as candles, this factor is essentially true.

There are standard rules that there should be at least a two inch cushioning inside the box before you place the product inside the box – be it any. Therefore, you need to follow these standard rules and use boxes that won’t break or crack during shipping.

Make sure the box has the right amount of space inside for the cushioning factor too.
That said, it’s highly essential that you use boxes that are dependable and sturdy for shipping purposes.

Should Be Protected Against Melting

Shipping candles can be a really tough call. Its very hard to ship candles from one place to the other with extreme temperatures. Remember, they are never your friends, especially when you have product that can melt.

What you need to do is freeze your products way ahead of shipping so they don’t melt. Plus, you need to use a material that will also protect the product from melting. But then again, if the candles are too much frozen, then they can crack. Its best that you ship the candles in boxes that will help them retain their shape and also protect them from extreme temperatures. Also, what you can do is place ice packs in the shipping transportation for further precautions.

Have a Number of Shipping Options with You

Melting can be an issue, therefore you need to have a number of shipping option. You can use the express shipping options for your custom packaging candles. But all need to be authentic and speedy so that your products are not damaged.